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125 Paddle Board Captions for Time on the Water

The best days are the days out on the water spent on a paddle board! And then you need the perfect caption for your photo of you gliding along. No sure what to say? We’ve got you covered with this list of the best paddle board captions for Instagram. We have also included the best paddle board quotes because sometimes someone else has said it best first.

Our Favorite Paddle Board Captions for Instagram

  • Paddle boarding is free, a therapist is not.
  • If you like to lie on the beach, you’ll love paddle boarding.
  • Gotta paddle hard to get where you’re going on a paddle board. No doubt about it.
  • Never not wishing that I was on a paddle board.
  • All a girl really needs is a board and some sun.
  • Born to paddle, forced to work.
  • I paddle to add balance to my life.
Person on lake with paddle board captions
  • ‘Cuz life is better when you’re on a paddle board!
  • I’m not saying I want to live on a paddle board, but I wouldn’t mind it.
  • You can never buy happiness, but you can paddle board all day and be pretty darn close.
  • Capture the feeling of freedom and fun that define paddleboarding.
  • Life is a performance and your paddle is your instrument. Love what you do and do it forever!
  • The water is calling.
  • Hooked on this. Like, for reels.
  • Water you doing on a paddleboard on a day like today?
  • I’m never bored on a paddleboard.
  • Paddle boarding is the ultimate way to enjoy the water!
  • Have you ever seen someone unhappy on a paddle board?
  • So much water but so little time.
  • Hang on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!
  • Life is just more fun when you’re on a paddle board.
  • Do you believe in adventure? Well, then hop on board my paddle board.
  • Happiness is a day spent on my paddle board.
  • Let’s go find some water to play on.
  • We paddleboard to connect to our playful selves.
  • There’s just something special about the smell of salt air mixed with sunscreen that makes a paddleboarder’s nose go into overdrive.
  • I need a good paddling.
  • Good times and tan lines.
  • Do whatever floats your board.
People on river with paddle board captions for Instagram
  • How could I not be happy on a paddle board?
  • Adventure awaits on my paddle board!
  • Life without a paddle board is not life.
  • Life is more fun on a paddle board.
  • Time for some fun on the paddle board.
  • Never miss a moment on the water.
  • Just living life one paddle board ride at a time!
  • Every time I get on a paddle board, I feel like a kid again!
  • I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when I take them out on my paddle board!
  • Just chillin’ with my paddle board buddies.
  • Excuse me for a minute, I’m busy paddle boarding.
  • Paddle boards are the coolest invention since sliced bread.
  • Nothing beats cruising on salt water in my paddle board!
  • Soaking up the sun and living life to the fullest on my paddle board!
  • You don’t have to be crazy to paddle board with me, but it helps.
  • And they said I couldn’t paddle board…
  • The best way to explore new waters!
  • Don’t ask me why I paddle. Ask yourself why you don’t.
  • The only shot I got of me paddle boarding without falling over.
  • Does this paddle make my board look big?
  • Shocked and confused to learn this is harder than it looks.
  • Always up for a good paddling.
  • Don’t make fun of me if I stay seated on this thing the whole day, OK?
Person on water with funny paddle boarding captions
  • I like big boards and I cannot lie.
  • Can we photoshop a wave into the background so I can look like I’m surfing?
  • How do people do yoga on these things?!
  • Who needs a motor when you’ve got a paddle?
  • Sorry I couldn’t make it. I had a board meeting.
  • I’m totally not standing up on purpose.
  • Paddle boarding is the best fun ever.
  • Home is where the paddle board is!
  • Don’t talk to me while I’m paddle boarding.
  • If you aren’t paddle boarding you are missing out!
  • Paddle boards are for adventure.
  • Everything makes sense on a paddle board.
  • Born to paddle board. Forced to work.
  • The fun begins on the water.
  • The best memories are made on the water.
  • It’s not always about how fast your paddle board goes ..sometimes it’s all about where you take it.
  • Paddle board season is my favorite time of the year.
  • Enjoying life one paddle board ride at a time.

  • Paddle boarding is the most fun you can have on water!
  • Time to take my paddle board out for a spin!
  • I’ve never felt so alive as I feel on the water.
  • If you see me on a paddle board, you should probably wave.
  • Finishing my first day of paddle boarding with a beautiful sunset view! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!
  • Just living my best life, one paddle at a time!
  • Honestly, I’m just going to use the paddle board as a spot for me to catch a tan.
  • Just a day on the water is all I need.
  • I’m never bored on a paddleboard.
  • I have a board meeting.
  • If you love to paddle board…. let’s be friends!
Person on beach with paddle board selfie captions
  • Let’s not talk about how many attempts this photo took.
  • Paddle board selfie time.
  • If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to make a splash!
  • I’m the captain of my own ship.
  • Me doing me.
  • I am addicted to my water sports.
  • I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.
  • If the question is about a paddle board…. My answer is yes!
  • The day wouldn’t be complete without a paddle board selfie.
  • If I am not paddle boarding….. I am dreaming about it.
  • I live for paddle boarding.
  • I’m not speeding, I’m wave riding.
  • I paddle board therefore I am.
  • You had me at paddle board.
  • Let’s ride all day.
  • Race you to the shore.
  • This is how we ride.
  • Follow my wake.
  • The best memories are made on the water.
  • Hot days. Cold water. Paddle boards. Time together.
People on lake with paddle board couple captions
  • Out on the water with my favorite person.
  • I’m officially in love with paddle boarding!
  • It’s all about the ride, baby.
  • I like big paddle boards, and I cannot lie!
  • Feel the water, feel the life.
  • I’ll be honest. You had me at paddle board.
  • A bad day on the paddle board is better than a good day at work.
  • The best view is on a paddle board.
  • Whatever floats your board.
  • There’s something so magical about paddle boarding. You get on your board, sit out on the open water, and just let the current take you.
  • Skateboard, longboard, snowboard, paddle board… Give me any kind of board, and I’ll figure it out.
  • This photo is sponsored by anyone who wants to go paddleboarding or who owns a paddleboard.
  • When the water’s calm you just have to paddle.
Paddleboarder with SUP captions
  • Forever attempting to just stand up on the paddle board.
  • This girl just wants to have sun.
  • Just another day in paradise.
  • Life is better with a paddle board.
  • Worry less. Paddle more.
  • Keep calm and paddle on.
  • Paradise is just a paddle away.
  • Life’s a river. Grab a paddle.
  • Get onboard with unknown adventures.
  • I’m always fresh to depth.
  • There’s no stopping me now.
  • Any day is a good day for a paddle board.
  • When you go over the water, you feel alive.
  • Dear paddle board, I think about you all the time.
  • The world’s favorite water sport right at home.
  • Just out here on the lake living my best life.
  • Keeping it reel at the lake.
  • Lake day? No problem.
  • Getting lost on the lake.
  • If you need me, I’ll be at the lake.
  • Life is better at the lake
  • The lake is calling. I must go.
Water with lake captions for Instagram
  • I’m on lake time
  • Another day at the lake, another paddle board adventure
  • Leaving worries in our wake
  • Eat. Sleep. Paddle board. Repeat.
  • Floatin’ along!
  • I don’t need therapy, I just need the lake and my paddle board
  • Sea you on the water.
  • Taking a paddle on the ocean.
  • Feeling the essence of the ocean.
  • Sun, sand, and sea… and a paddle board!
Waves with short captions ocean waves
  • I’m not afraid of waves, I am the wave.
  • Bring on the ocean waves!
  • Paddle boards + riding waves = pure bliss.
  • Born to be wild… on the waves!
  • Living for sunny days and ocean waves.
  • Watch out, ocean waves…here I come!
  • Blessed with good waves and a paddle board
  • Gone with the wind and waves!
  • And on this paddle board ride, we shall conquer the ocean waves!
  • More sunsets, more waves, more everything!
  • You know it’s finally summer when you can get on a paddle board.
  • Give me a summer day in the sun on a paddle board, and I’ll have the best time of my life.
  • You’re only a few paddle board strokes away from shaping your best summer yet.
  • Summer ain’t summer without a paddle board.
  • I’m all about my summer sports.
  • It’s not summer unless you’re on a paddle board.
  • Does anyone else need to cool off after those summer months?
  • It’s not summer unless you have a paddle board adventure.
  • I think I just found my new summer activity.
  • Paddle board rides and summer nights.

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Paddle Board Quotes for Instagram

“I’ll paddle board, swim in the ocean, roll in the sand, soak up the sun, eat good food, be with friends and family and go fishing with my dad.” – Behati Prinsloo

“I love hiking, paddle boarding and listening to the Veronicas.” – Bindi Irwin

“I live in California, so I do stand-up paddle board, which is a killer workout.” – Ashley Wagner

“Paddle boarding is like walking on water. Standing atop a board in the middle of the ocean, you see everything from sea life to the coastline and across the channel. Having that sweeping expanse in front of you, you just want to go exploring.” – Laird Hamilton

“If in doubt, paddle out.” – Nat Young

Paddle board on water with paddle board quotes for Instagram

“Like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout. It strengthens your core and stabilization system, requiring your connective tissue to generate power through your hands and out your feet.” – Laird Hamilton

“I love the paddle board. It’s just a really good way to recenter. Being on the water is really peaceful, and you have to focus on your balance and holding yourself up. Doing a little bit of yoga under the sun on the water is really, really magical.” – Jamie Anderson

“I’d heard that swimming feels so good when you’re pregnant, and I love being in the ocean. I was even paddle boarding up until 17 weeks, but then my center of gravity and balance were completely off.” – Marisa Miller

“I love paddle boarding. It gives me that feeling of peace as well as an opportunity to enjoy nature’s true beauty.” – Camille Grammar

“We go by the lighthouse; paddle out. After we got out, we paddled way down to get the biggest peak.” – George Downing

“The path of the paddle can be a means of getting things back to their original perspective.” – Bill Mason

“Paddle boarding: it’s the closest you get to walking on water.” – Bill Bailey

Person on ocean with funny paddle boarding quotes. by Bailey

“The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.” – George R. R. Martin

“The first river you paddle runs through you the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are.” – Lynn Culbreath Noel

“You don’t paddle against the current, you paddle with it.” – Kris Kristofferson

“Unless you paddle for the wave, you’ll never know if you could catch it. But once you do… Ride it as long as you can. Love as long as you can.” – Abigail Spencer

Short Captions for Paddle Boards

  • I’d rather be paddling.
  • Find me on the board.
  • Paddle it out.
  • Stay salty.
  • Always say yes to paddle boarding.
  • Grab a paddle.
Sunset on water with short captions for paddle boards
  • Fun in the sun.
  • Live life and enjoy the ride.
  • Want to go for a ride?
  • Paddle boarding at its finest!
  • Ridin’.
  • Here’s to the memories!
  • Eat. Sleep. Paddle. Repeat.
  • The paddle board life.
  • Paddle board mode: ON.
  • This is the life.
  • Life is better on a Paddle board.
  • This is happiness….
  • Competing against time.
  • Keep calm and paddle board on.
  • Gonna make a splash!
  • Paddle boards are my kind of boat.
  • Paddle boarding with my squad like…
  • Life is short. Buy the paddle board.
  • Paddle boarding = pure happiness
  • Paddle fast, paddle furious! 
  • SUP-er.
  • Board-om.
  • Always board.
  • SUP-preme.
Paddle boarder with paddle board puns
  • Member of the board.
  • I stand for paddling.
  • I need a good paddling.
  • I thought about trying surfing on my SUP, but it’s a pipe dream.
  • I like to keep up on current events.
  • Let her rip.

There you have it! Our list of captions for paddle boards. We hope you found the perfect one for you.

Now get out on the water!

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