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Routinely Shares

Quotes and captions for all of life’s moments

Who is Routinely Shares?

Woman standing in front of Mount Fuji

I am Laynni Locke, a Canadian writer, reader and traveller with a passion for sharing life’s moments on social media.

Whether you are travelling, celebrating a special occasion or just appreciating day-to-day life, when you take that perfect photo you are going to need the perfect caption or quote before you share it.

On Routinely Shares, I have put together comprehensive lists to cover every occasion, adventure or loved one.

So you can either look through my categories to find the perfect topic, use the search bar to find a specific list or just go ahead and browse through my posts until something catches your eye.

With extensive experience as a travel writer, social media specialist and grant writer, I have made it my mission to curate the best and easiest to use lists of captions and quotes for your next post.

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