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145 Rad 80’s Captions for the Neon Life

The 80’s were fun, colourful and loud, and there are some great 80’s photos to be had. For when you get one, we have gathered all the best 80’s captions for Instagram for your next post. We have also included the best 80’s quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first.

Our Favorite 80’s Captions for Instagram

  • Bringing the 80’s back, one post at a time.
  • 80’s kids, the original trendsetters.
  • In an ’80’s state of mind, all day, every day.
  • The 80’s called; they want their vibes back.
  • Bringing back the 80’s, one outfit at a time.
  • Just a girl (or guy) with big dreams and an 80’s heart.
  • Vibing to the rhythm of the 80’s.
  • 80’s vibes
  • Bringing back the raddest decade with style.
  • Legends are born in the 80’s.
  • The 80’s: when MTV played music videos, and we played outside.
  • The 80’s called, and they want their fashion sense back!
Person with best 80's Captions
  • 80’s tunes and good times – that’s my jam.
  • All you need is love and 80’s music.
  • No such thing as too much hairspray in the 80’s.
  • Can we bring back the Walkman, please?
  • Dial-up connections and cassette tapes – simpler times.
  • Life is better when you’re wearing shades of neon.
  • If I could, I’d perm my hair and go full 80’s glam every day.
  • Breakdancing my way through life like it’s the 1980’s.
  • Channeling my inner ’80’s babe.
  • Bringing back the era of shoulder pads and big dreams.
  • Living for the era of mixtapes and boomboxes.
  • Finding my ’80’s groove in a digital world.
  • When your playlist consists of only ’80’s hits.
  • Rolling through life like a neon roller disco.
  • Just me, my boombox, and some 80’s magic.
  • Serving up 80’s realness on the daily.
  • A splash of neon, a dash of 80’s.
Sparkles with pink captions for Instagram
  • 80’s fashion: because who needs subtlety?
  • 80’s nostalgia – the best kind of throwback.
  • Legends are born in the 80’s.
  • Dancing through life with an 80’s soundtrack.
  • The 80’s called. They want their boombox back.
  • Making every day an 80’s movie montage.
  • 80’s vibes and good times.
  • More ’80’s, less worries.
  • Bringing back the boombox era.
  • Big hair, big dreams, bigger attitude.
  • Dressing like the ’80’s never ended.
  • Feeling groovy in an 80’s kind of way.
  • 80’s kids, we had the best cartoons and the worst fashion.
  • 80’s movies were the real Netflix and chill.
Clouds with short purple color captions
  • Channeling my inner 80’s kid.
  • Neon dreams and retro schemes.
  • 80’s baby, born to stand out.
  • Chasing sunsets in shoulder pads.
  • 80’s music makes everything better.
  • Cheers to the 80’s – forever and always!
  • Living for the moments that feel like an 80’s movie.
  • 80’s beats and good vibes, that’s how we roll.
  • Embracing the retro rhythm of the 80’s.
  • Born too late for the 80’s, but loving it anyway.
  • The 80’s called, and I answered.
People with funny 80's Captions
  • Neon was the color of choice, and I was here for it.
  • I’d trade my smartphone for a Walkman any day.
  • Rocking my Walkman and retro style.
  • Confidence level: ’80’s pop star.
  • Embracing the ’80’s, one scrunchie at a time.
  • Living an 80’s fantasy in a 21st-century world.
  • The 80’s were a vibe, and I’m here for it.
  • I wish I could’ve lived through the 80’s.
  • Bold, bright, and totally 80’s.
  • Channeling my inner 80’s kid today.
  • 80’s music: the soundtrack of my life.
  • Living in an 80’s movie montage.
  • Chasing sunsets with an 80’s soundtrack.
  • Living life like it’s 1980-something.
  • If it ain’t neon, I ain’t interested.
  • Lost in the 80’s, found in my happy place.
  • Channeling my inner 80’s superstar.
  • Living in the 80’s was a workout – leg warmers and all.
  • 80’s fashion: the original style statement.
  • In a world of shoulder pads and perms.
  • I’m an 80’s kid in a digital world.
  • If I could time travel, I’d choose the 80’s every time.
  • Throwback to when my hair was bigger than my dreams.
  • Lost in the 80’s, don’t bother finding me.
Sunlight with yellow Instagram captions
  • When life gives you lemons, make an 80’s mixtape.
  • Rocking out to the 80’s classics.
  • Leg warmers and scrunchies – the 80’s never looked so good.
  • I’m not getting older; I’m getting more 80’s.
  • Dressing like I stepped out of an 80’s music video.
  • Not born in the 80’s, but I got the spirit.
  • Wishing my life was a John Hughes movie.
  • Living like it’s 1980-something.
  • Just another day in paradise – 80’s paradise.
  • Living life in technicolor, ’80’s style.
  • Life was simpler when all we had to worry about was choosing the right slap bracelet.
  • 80’s baby, born to be wild!
  • I’m on an 80’s vibe.
Ocean with good vibes captions for Instagram
  • Leg warmers and good vibes.
  • Every day I’m hustlin’, 80’s style.
  • Life was simpler in the 80’s.
  • If it ain’t neon, it shouldn’t be on.
  • Keep calm and party like it’s the 80’s.
  • A sprinkle of 80’s magic on my feed.
  • 80’s movies are my happy place.
  • Life’s an 80’s movie – make it epic.
  • My playlist is stuck in the 80’s, and I’m not complaining.
  • Some call it nostalgia; I call it ’80’s love.
  • The ’80’s called; they want their style back. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Living in an 80’s movie montage.
  • In the 80’s, hair was high, and so were our hopes.
Person with 80's Instagram captions
  • From Walkmans to windbreakers, the 80’s had it all.
  • Getting my groove on, 80’s style.
  • I miss the days when mixtapes were love letters.
  • Living life in bold ’80’s colors.
  • I’ve got 99 problems, but the 80’s ain’t one.
  • In the 80’s, we didn’t have social media, we had real friends.
  • Just a girl (or guy) trying to make the 80’s proud.
  • Let’s rewind to the 80’s for a moment.
  • Rewinding to the 80’s for a dose of nostalgia.
  • No such thing as too much 80’s.
  • My heart beats to an ’80’s rhythm.
  • Rockin’ the 80’s fashion revival.
  • All I need is some 80’s tunes and good company.
  • Life’s too short not to love the 80’s.
  • Roller disco vibes all day, every day.
  • When in doubt, just add more neon.
  • When in doubt, just add more hairspray
  • Time to unleash my inner 80’s icon.
Hands with short captions for new nails
  • 80’s music: Because the classics never get old.
  • Fluorescent colors and fearless hearts.
  • Brace yourselves, the 80’s are back!
  • They say laughter is the best medicine. I say it’s ’80’s music.
  • Back to the future? More like back to the 80’s!
  • The 80’s taught me that bigger is better.
  • When life gives you lemons, make an 80’s playlist.
  • Keep calm and party like it’s the 1980’s.
  • 80’s nostalgia hitting all the right notes.
  • Living in a world of cassette tapes and scrunchies.
  • Dancing like nobody’s watching – 80’s edition.
  • My style icon? Definitely an 80’s movie montage.
  • Rocking the retro look because, well, it’s totally tubular!
  • If you didn’t have a side ponytail, did you even 80’s?
  • My heart beats to an 80’s soundtrack.
  • Living for the 80’s fashion comeback.
  • Feeling more 80’s than a cassette tape right now.

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Short Captions About the 80’s

  • In an 80’s state of mind.
  • Living that 80’s fantasy.
  • 80’s music, 100% good vibes.
  • Life’s a rad party in the 80’s.
  • Keep calm and channel the 80’s.
  • More 80’s, less stress.
  • Rock on, 80’s child.
  • 80’s vibes and good times.
  • Born to be rad.
  • Feeling like an 80’s superstar.
  • 80’s nostalgia on full blast.
  • Just a girl with 80’s dreams.
Tape with short captions about the 80's
  • Let’s make the 80’s proud
  • Living for the 80’s aesthetics.
  • Loving the 80’s aesthetic.
  • Back to the future.
  • Living for the 80’s nostalgia.
  • In an 80’s state of mind.
  • Living for the neon lights.
  • 80’s beats and heartbeats.
  • I put the ‘rad’ in ‘retro.’
  • 80’s hair, don’t care.
  • I still believe in 80’s mixtapes.
  • 80’s kid at heart.
  • Breakin’ out the 80’s classics.
  • Big hair, bigger dreams.
  • 80’s heart, modern soul.
Sunset with short captions about good vibes
  • 80’s music is my time machine.
  • Serving 80’s realness.
  • Dancing like it’s 1985.
  • Let’s rewind to the 80’s.
  • Lost in the 80’s groove.
  • 80’s playlist on, world off.
  • My style is 80% 80’s fashion.
  • In an 80’s state of mind.
  • 80’s music is my therapy.
  • When in doubt, go retro.
  • Big hair, don’t care.
  • Going retro in a digital world.
  • Rockin’ the retro vibes.
  • 80’s babies, where you at?

Classic Short 80’s Quotes for Instagram

“Game over, man.” — Private Hudson, Alien

“Here’s Johnny!” — Jack, The Shining

“I am your father.” — Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

“I’m a material girl in a material world.” – Madonna

Person with classic short 80's quotes for Instagram

“I’ll be back.” — The Terminator, Terminator

“Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes?” — Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Do or do not, there is no try.” — Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

“… Sometimes what heart know, head forget.” — Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid

“Wax on, wax off.” — Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid

“I eat green berets for breakfast.” — John Matrix, Commando

“If you built it, he will come.” — Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams

“Don’t dream it, be it”. – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

“Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” – Guns N’ Roses

“I wanna dance with somebody.” – Whitney Houston

“No one puts Baby in a corner.” – Dirty Dancing

“Girls just wanna have fun.” – Cyndi Lauper

“Have fun storming the castle!” — Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

“We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” — Andrew Clark, The Breakfast Club

“That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they’d call ’em something else.” — Jim Baker, Sixteen Candles

“Say hello to my little friend.” — Tony Montana, Scarface

“When I buy a new book, I read the last page first. That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends.” — Harry, When Harry Met Sally

“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” — Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Person with funny hot girl 80's Instagram quotes by Jessica Rabbit

“You’re not dying. You just can’t think of anything good to do.” — Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“I feel the need… the need for speed!” – Top Gun

“Stay gold, Ponyboy.” – The Outsiders

So that is it for our list of captions and quotes. Hopefully you found the perfect one for you.

Now go share your 80’s photo!

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