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The 145 Best Rainbow Captions for Instagram to Enjoy the Full Spectrum


There are many ways to capture a fantastic photo with all the colors of the rainbow, so we have put together a list of all the best rainbow captions for your next post. And if you’re looking for rainbow captions for Instagram, we also have you covered.

Now go ahead and browse through to find your favorite.

Best Rainbow Captions for Instagram

  • Color will always make you smile.
  • Half a rainbow is better than no rainbow
  • The world is a canvas. Paint it in the colors of your choosing.
  • Colors are the smiles of nature
  • Rainbows contain such positive beauty
  • Shine bright like a rainbow
  • Color will always make me smile.
  • The world is a happier place when it’s full of rainbows
  • May all your dreams be as beautiful as a rainbow!
  • Use all the colors in the crayon box.
  • My world has been made brighter by this rainbow.
Sky with rainbow Instagram captions
  • Seeing a rainbow is like getting a hug from the sky.
  • The greater your storms the brighter your rainbow
  • Adding color to my world with this magical rainbow
  • You are a rainbow of possibilities
  • Color is a power that directly influences the soul.
  • One color, a thousand memories.
  • If there’s a rainbow, you know the sun is gonna shine.
  • The greater the storms the brighter your rainbow
  • Every cloud has a silver lining, and a rainbow too!
  • In a relationship with bright colors
  • Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color.
  • I’m all rainbows and smiles today
  • Always look at the bright side.
Colors with rainbow captions for Instagram
  • Rainbows make everything better!
  • All the beautiful colors of the rainbow
  • The brighter side of life in full color
  • I won’t choose a favorite color.
  • Live your life in rainbows and sunshine
  • A bright reminder that good things are coming
  • The sky is full of hope, it’s time to chase that rainbow!
  • Be somebody’s rainbow in their cloudy sky.
  • Capture my heart with color.
  • Look up and count the colors in a rainbow
  • Color creates, enhances, changes, and reveals.
  • I never saw a color I didn’t like.
  • In nature, light creates color.
  • You’re an explosion of color in my life.
  • There had better be a pot of gold at the end of this one!
  • Add a little more color to your life.
  • That pot of gold is around here somewhere
  • The best things in life are free
  • Follow the colorful path of your dreams!
  • May your days be filled with rainbows and sunshine
  • There’s nothing better than getting inspired by color.
  • The only true treasure is a rainbow.
Person with funny rainbow captions
  • It’s ok to show all your colors.
  • All the possibilities of a rainbow
  • We don’t need pots of gold when we have rainbows
  • Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.
  • My memories are full of color.
  • Double rainbows, double the joy
  • Life isn’t always a bed of roses, but there’s always a rainbow after the rain!
  • Life’s a colorful journey, enjoy every rainbow!
  • Life is a colorful painting.
  • Your smile is brighter than a rainbow.
  • Rainbows are proof that no matter how stormy it gets, brighter days are coming.
  • Color is only beautiful when it means something.
  • Looks like I’m taking the bright direction after all!
  • Color has the power to alter our very souls.
  • Look up – you might just see a rainbow
  • Colorful rainbows have a way of making us smile
  • Living in technicolor, thanks to this beautiful rainbow.
  • Life is full of rainbows if you look closely.
  • There’s always something beautiful on the other side of a rainbow
  • A little bit of rainbow for your day!
  • I was born to chase rainbows
  • Always look on the bright side
  • Rainbow of hope, dreams, and possibilities
  • Smile like you have your own personal rainbow.
  • Catch a rainbow, it will brighten your day!
  • Life is a party and so are our colors.
  • My heart full of happiness after seeing this rainbow
  • Life is better when you’re under a rainbow.
  • Let your spirit soar on a rainbow of happiness.
  • Rainbows are made of hope
  • A ray of sunshine followed by a rainbow.
  • Smile and be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
  • Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.
  • A rainbow is proof that after the storm comes a brighter day.
  • I’m feeling so much brighter now!
  • Life’s more colorful with rainbows around!
  • May all your days be as colorful as this rainbow
  • If you ever think things are too dark, find the rainbow and never forget it.
  • It’s time to paint the sky with rainbows!
  • Stay hopeful and look for the rainbows!
  • No rainbow can be seen without first facing a storm
  • Happiness comes in many colors, just like rainbows.
  • Life is a beautiful rainbow
  • Color makes my world turn.
  • Focus on the rainbow, not the rain
  • Feeling just a skittle bit happier since I saw this rainbow!
  • Strive to craft a mind of color.
  • A pot of happiness at the end of the rainbow
  • Smile and watch the rainbows appear
  • A rainbow in the sky brings a smile to my face
  • There’s no inspiration in grey.
  • Rainbows are a reminder that better days are coming
  • You don’t need luck when you have rainbows!
  • Capture memories in full color.
  • Count your rainbows not your storms
  • You can never have too many rainbows in life.
  • When it rains, look for rainbows
  • Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
  • All the colors of the rainbow
  • Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.
  • When it rains look for rainbows
  • Painting the sky with every color.
  • When everything around you is grey, find inspiration in color.
  • Take a break and watch the beauty of a rainbow
  • It’s ok to show all your colors.
  • The beautiful colors of a rainbow always fill me with joy

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Short Rainbow Captions

  • Rainbows are made of dreams
  • Follow the rainbow
  • Don’t be afraid of color.
  • A ray of hope in the sky
  • My life is colorful.
  • Looking for that pot of gold
  • Which end is the gold at?
  • Fill the sky with rainbows!
  • Your soul is color.
  • It’s all rainbows and unicorns
  • Use all the colors
  • Taste the rainbow
  • Live in color
Sky iwth short captions about rainbows
  • Leading a colorful life!
  • Never stop dreaming
  • Keep chasing rainbows
  • Somewhere over the rainbow
  • Double rainbow!!
  • Color outside the lines.
  • A rainbow of possibilities
  • Rainbow vibes only
  • Chasing rainbows
  • I prefer living in color.
  • Get inspired by color.
  • The sky reveals its true colors
  • The sky lit up with promise
  • Smile, there’s color!
  • Color me happy.
  • I love rainbow colors
  • Rainbows make life magical
  • Who doesn’t love rainbows?
  • Say it with color.
  • A rainbow on a cloudy day

So that is it for our list of Rainbow Captions for Instagram. We hope you found the perfect one!

Now go share your photo!

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