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120 Short Fierce Attitude Quotes for that Baddie Aesthetic

When you need to let everyone know that you are here to slay, you need the perfect short fierce attitude quotes for Instagram. So we have gathered the best baddie attitude quotes here to make it easy for you.

Scroll through to find your favorite quotes and sayings.

Short Fierce Attitude Quotes for Instagram

“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” – Holly Black

“Top 2 and I ain’t #2” —Beyoncé

“I just do me, I don’t need no permission.”—Flo Milli

“Get into it.” —Doja Cat

“I’m sexy and I know it.” – LMFAO

“You know I got the sauce.” — Rihanna

“I’m a Hot Girl, don’t try it at home.” —Megan Thee Stallion

Person in ocean with short baddie quotes for Instagram by Megan Thee Stallion

“Get my pretty name out of your mouth.” —Billie Eilish

“The best way to behave is not to.” ― Abercrombie & Fitch

“Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes.” —Dua Lipa

“But show me, can you keep it up?” – Ariana Grande

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit

“Shut up and dance with me.” – Walk the moon

“I stay out too late” — Taylor Swift

“Ten different looks and my looks all kill.” —Cardi B

“I got one less problem without you.” – Ariana Grande

“I am the king because I know how to rule.” – Priyanshu Singh

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”- Coco Chanel

“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.” – Paris Hilton

“So just forget about the world, we young tonight.” — Justin Bieber


“If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back.” – Doja Cat

“I make the moves up as I go.” — Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”

“I’m going dumb with all my friends.” – Rihanna

“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker.” – Beyonce

“Throw some glitter, make it rain.” — Kesha

“Life is short, wear your party pants.” – Loretta LaRoche

“Category is body, look at the way it’s sittin'” —Megan Thee Stallion

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm” – Joan Crawford

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” – Ariana Grande

“I think us, bad bitches, is a gift from God.” – Cardi B

“Watch out boy she’ll chew you up. She’s a maneater.” – Nelly Furtado

“Oh, it’s rainin’ men, girl, what you worried ’bout?” – Rihanna

“Poppin’ sh*t, you would think I went to school for chiropractin'” — GloRilla

“We flawless, ladies, tell ’em. Say, ‘I look so good tonight.’” – Beyonce

“When all is said and done. You’ll believe God is a woman.” – Ariana Grande

“Don’t need permission.” – Ariana Grande

Person with funny baddie Instagram quotes by Grande

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

“Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.”  – Taylor Swift

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn’t need a man; be that girl who never backed down.”- Taylor Swift

“And I’ll call you when the party’s over.” — Billie Eilish

“The club can’t even handle me right now.” — Flo Rida Ft. David Guetta

“When you look this good, you don’t need to know anything.” – Philip J. Fry

“Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.” – Wayne Dyer

Girl at sunset with short Instagram quotes for girls by Shakespeare

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”- Mark Anthony

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.”- Napoleon Bonaparte

“And every girl in here got to look me up and down. All on Instagram, cake by the pound. Circulate the image every time I come around.” – Beyonce

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”- William Shakespeare

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Fierce Attitude Sayings

Lit with or without you.

I may not be perfect, but I’m always authentic.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Confidence level: selfie with no filter.

Smile; it’s selfie time

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest one of them all?

I don’t have a bad attitude; I have a strong personality.

I’m not arrogant; I’m just confident.

Person in field with short fierce attitude quotes for Instagram
  • When the mirror cooperates! I document.
  • I am Angel and Devil.
  • I’m a lucid dream. You are a nightmare.
  • I am not perfect, but I am perfectly me.
  • I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong.
  • They tried to bury us but they didn’t know. We were a seed.
  • I’m not your cup of tea; I’m champagne.
  • I don’t always look this good, but… no, wait, that’s a lie.
  • You can judge me but never my outfit.
  • You can keep the shade.
Person in pool with baddie captions

They told me I couldn’t, so I did.

I’m smiling on the inside.

I’m the truth, so hold your lies.

Took a picture since it lasts longer

If anything, I am everything.

I hope karma will slap your face before I do.

I’m a vibe that no one else can replace.

Find me where the wild things are.

Be you. The world will adjust.

Let me file that under, “I don’t care.”

My energy speaks for itself.

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

Anything I say goes.

If anything, I’m everything.

I don’t know, I’d wife me.

Know your limits, because I’m ignoring mine

In life, there are three guarantees: Death, taxes, and me running circles around you.

Never doing too much, my presence is enough.

You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.

Untouchable, but you feel this.

Forgive, yes. Forget, never.

I make time stand still.

Person with baddie captions

Whatever lassoes your lightning.

Get it together, or forget it forever.

Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

Always prove them wrong.

Never let anyone treat you like you’re ordinary.

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.

Proceed with caution.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

Funny Sayings for a Baddie

I woke up like this.

I love Men without the “N”.

Shut up and check me out.

The reflection was giving.

Mirror selfies are my civic duty!

My camera can’t get enough of me.

Make them stop and stare.

Person on beach with funny baddie captions

I may be bad, but I feel good.

Outfit: perfect. Attitude: worth it.

Throwing shade isn’t going to help you shine.

Why chase you when I’m the catch?

Daydreaming about myself, hbu?

Been told I’ve got a sunny disposition.

My face card’s never been declined.

I do a thing called what I want.

Know your worth. Then add tax.

Get my pretty name outta your mouth.

Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

No guts, no glory, no legend, no story.

He wanna party with a Barbie.

Been that bitch since birth.

I may be a doll, but you don’t want to play with me.

What’s the secret to my success? It’s just nunya. Nunya business.

Be a badass with a good ass.

Mirror mirror on the wall, show the realest of them all?

Jealousy is a terrible disease. Get well soon.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

Catch flights, not feelings.

Please believe the hype.

Person with baddie captions funny

I could never fold, baby I was built for this.

Blood type: matte black with a hint of gold.

Pretty face, pretty tempted.

Only here for a second, so make your best impression.

Know your worth, then add tax.

The type you don’t find twice.

Keeping it one double zero.

I don’t need a king to be a queen.

Off guard, but on point.

Blame it on my cold heart.

This isn’t a race, but I still take first place.

Forever seeing you in my Instagram Views.

Let me file that under ‘I don’t care.’

Soul so dope, you’d overdose.

Can’t look away, can you?

Confidence level: selfie with no filter.

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

The difference between a pizza and your opinion is that I only asked for the pizza.

Just kinda threw this together.

Trouble never looked so fine.

Person with baddie Instagram captions

Part sweet, part savage.

Couldn’t replace me if you tried.

Loving this wavelength.

Blame it on my cold heart.

Not too hard to look at.

The only way you’ll win is if I quit.

Part sweet, part savage.

You’re never going to have me.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?

Treat me right, I’ll treat you better.

The temperature’s rising.

You do you, I’ll do better.

I was born to stand out.

You can find my picture in the dictionary under ‘hot’.

Good. Bad. I’m the guy with these guns.

Designed by the divine.

Life goes on, with or without you.

Your secret’s safe with me.

I’m your worst nightmare.

You know you love me.

Be so bad that they can’t ignore you.

Thick thighs and high standards.

Person with baddie captions for instagram

Love me or hate me.

You can’t spell ‘genius’ without ‘us’.

If only you could turn back time…

And she would bow to no one.

Call me the referee, I’m so official.

I was born to stand out.

I’m not picky, I just know what I want.

First I’m sour, then I’m sweet.

Always prove them wrong.

Hopped out my feelings, and hopped in my bag.

Be so bad they can’t ignore you.

Short Attitude Captions

  • Irreplaceable.
  • Me, myself, and I.
  • Praise me.
  • If looks could kill.
  • I got my own back.
  • Who, me?
  • I’m fly as a bird.
  • Queen B.
  • Gotta dress the part.
  • It’s lonely at the top.
  • Just killing it today.
Person on beach iwth short captions for baddies
  • Know your worth.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Tropic like it’s hot.
  • Just chilling in my standard uniform.
  • Watch this space.
  • Your new obsession.
  • I’m too good for you.
  • Who, me?
  • Miss me yet?
  • My way or no way.
  • I’ll set you free.
  • Heaven on Earth.
  • Angel energy.
  • Main character.
Person by pool with short captions about baddies
  • Deleted scenes.
  • Heaven sent.
  • Head in the clouds.
  • Soul searching.
  • Itty bitty pretty.
  • Never worried.
  • Blowing minds.
  • Vibe so rare.
  • God is a woman.
  • Don’t chase, replace.
  • Made you look.
  • Legends never die.
  • Out like a light.
  • Cuz I’m icy.
  • Try again.
  • Glowing.
  • Irreplaceable.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Hard to handle.
  • All eyes on me.
  • Eat, pray, slay.
  • Too lit to quit.
  • Protecting my energy.
  • Came through drippin’.
  • I got my own back.
  • She bows to no one.
  • Born to stand out.
  • Playing for keeps.
  • In my villain era.

So that is our list of quotes and sayings! We hope you found the perfect one for you.

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