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The 90 Best Vacation Captions for Instagram to Relax With

Nothing gets the imagination racing and the soul relaxing like a fantastic vacation. And obviously you’re going to have some great photos, which is why we have collected all the best vacation captions for Instagram for your next post.

Now go ahead and browse through to find your favorite vacation Instagram caption.

Best Vacation Captions for Instagram

  • Don’t bother me. I’m on vacation!
  • Calming my nerves and soothing my soul with a relaxing vacation
  • I’m so ready to do nothing
  • Only amateurs experience jet lag!
  • Oh darling, let’s be adventurers
  • The journey itself is my home
  • If you think your vacation is too long, then you probably need another vacation
  • Chilling out on a comfy hotel bed can be very therapeutic
  • Don’t keep vacation waiting. It’s not polite!
  • Count not the days, but the moments
  • Add some humor to your caption with these funny vacation captions.
  • If not now, then when?
  • Taking a short break. Be back never!
  • Busy flirting with the sweet and easy life
  • Do I really need to go back to work after this?
Beach with vacation captions for Instagram
  • You owe it to yourself to take the time for vacation
  • Offline mode
  • While I’m on vacation, calories don’t count
  • Lost in paradise
  • I just love barefoot adventures!
  • Rest is one of the best investments in the world
  • Here are some of our favorite vacation captions.
  • Keep calm? I can’t because my well-deserved break is here!
  • Extend your vacation whenever possible
  • Don’t stress, just relax
  • The only time I love my job is when I’m on vacation
Ocean sunset wtih vacation Instagram captions
  • Yeah, working is great. But, have you ever tried going on a vacation?
  • Taking a break from my circus of a daily life
  • Stress relieved, boredom cured
  • They told me to follow my heart. So, I went to the airport for a vacation trip!
  • During vacations, stress doesn’t go with my getup
  • Good vibes happen on the tides
  • Healing my body and mind with vacation
  • Someone kidnap me please and take me on a vacation
  • Life is better in flip flops
  • When all else fails, take a vacation
  • Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak
  • Vacation time!
  • Ready for take off
  • Running to the boarding gate is my kind of workout
  • Vacationing until I forget all my passwords
  • Vacation is always better with no rowdy children around
  • Saltwater heals everything
  • Spending time at my happy place
  • Problems shrink in the face of vacation
  • Great things come to those who book vacation flights
  • No matter where the destination is, I’m on my way!
  • Don’t listen to what they say. Go see!
  • Bathing in the sunshine and drinking the wild air
  • Not all those who wander are lost
Beach with funny vacation captions
  • The ultimate catharsis is a grand getaway adventure
  • People don’t take trips. Trips take people.
  • If you ever need me, you can get in touch with me through my shell phone

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Short Vacation Captions

  • Just go
  • Letting my body and mind wander a bit
  • Taking only memories, leaving only footprints
  • Unplugged
  • Find your bliss
  • Go with all your heart!
  • Hello, holidays! I’m so happy to see you again
  • I wish I had more vacation days
  • Never feel guilty about vacationing
  • Relax and renew your mind
  • Say “yes” to new adventures!
  • These are little moments that truly count
  • Travel is the healthiest addiction
  • Love you to the beach and back
  • Rise and shine, it’s beach walking time!
  • Beach more, worry less
Beach sunset with short captions for vacations
  • Sun, sand, and pineapple in hand
  • Beach therapy solves a lot of problems
  • Here’s my resting beach face
  • Set your clock to beach time
  • Stay salty, stay beachy
  • You can never have too much beach!
  • Don’t worry, get sandy!
  • Finding clarity and purpose
  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be
  • Respectably lazy
  • Getaways are good for the heart
  • Namastay in bed all day!
  • The mountains are calling. I must go!
  • Chilling beneath the stars
  • Get your feet dirty, and your hair messy
  • Go and see all you possibly can!
  • I just love being on vacation!
  • Looking for a beautiful place to get lost
  • Turns out, I just needed a vacation

So that is it for our list of Best Vacation Captions for Instagram. We hope you found the perfect one for your vacation photo!

Woman holding up a clear chunk of ice on the beach

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