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The 130 Best Kid Captions for Instagram About Childhood


When you’ve got a great photo of your pride and joy, you’re going to want to browse through our list of all the best kid captions for your next post. And if you’re looking for kid captions for Instagram, we have you covered.

Now go ahead and browse through to find your favorite.

Best Kid Captions for Instagram

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.

There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.

Adorable moments that melt my heart, one smile at a time.

In my life, you are the sun that never fades and the moon that never wanes. Shine on, my child.

I couldn’t resist sharing this cuteness with the world.

Life is full of giggles and cuddles with this little munchkin.

I may not be perfect but when I look at my children I know that I got something in my life perfectly right.

I love my kids and I feel that without them in my life the house would be cleaner but emptier.

There is no changing my love for you, my child.

Smitten with this little bundle of sweetness.

Friends with kid captions for Instagram

No matter what, no matter when, no matter where, I love you always.

Sprinkling love and cuteness everywhere we go!

Every day with my little one is a precious gift.

Bringing sunshine and happiness wherever they go.

When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work.

Watching them create these core memories every day.

From the moment you were born, you became the sun to my planet.

You are the sun, the moon, and all of the stars.

You are the best thing I’ve done with my life.

I know you must walk your own path, but let my love be the light to guide you.

Raising a tiny comedian, one funny face at a time.

Our family doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be united.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

Do they know that even the smallest moments like this create the biggest memories?

Warning: This photo may cause extreme baby fever.

Even though my lap is too small, my heart will always have enough room for you.

I mustache you to admire this adorable little one.

Mastering the art of mischief and melting hearts.

Boys wtih brother captions for Instagram

The greatest thing I’ve ever done is give you two each other.

Their innocence and curiosity light up my world.

We will never have this day again, so let’s make it count.

Oh, the simple joy of kids doing what they do best … just being kids.

Ready to conquer the world with this pint-sized superhero.

The world shines brighter with this little ball of cuteness.

Time spent playing with children is never wasted.

Warning: Cuteness overload! Proceed with caution.

Butterflies have wings, so they can fly. Fish have gills, so they can swim. Rabbits have four legs, so they can run. I have a heart, so I can love you.

Sticky fingers and a heart full of mischievous charm.

Cherishing every precious moment with my little sweetheart.

My heart grows bigger with every adorable moment.

Kid with childhood captions for Instagram

Nothing you can do will change the way I love you.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be perfect. My love for you doesn’t depend on perfection.

I love my children beyond all reason. They’re my joy, even when they’re wild with kid energy.

The best gift I have to give you is my forever love.

Like a superhero squad, our love is strongest when we give it together.

Capturing memories one adorable moment at a time.

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, and an ocean of cuteness.

There are thousands of children in the world, and I was lucky enough to get you.

Life is better with silly faces and contagious giggles.

I’ve never loved anybody the way I love my children.

Discovering the world, one sweet smile at a time.

brothers with kid Instagram captions

Without my children, my house would be clean, my wallet would be full, and my heart would be empty.

Watching them grow is the greatest joy in my life.

When life gives you lemons, make funny faces!

Adorable moments filled with love and laughter.

My greatest wish is that my kids always know how much I love them, and that they walk through the rest of their life knowing I’ll always be there for them anyway I can.

I love my children. They allow me to be late to everything without having to take the blame.

Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories.

Every day, I love you as much as the day you were born. It will always be this way, no matter what happens in your life.

Always the source of my daily dose of cuteness.

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Short Kid Captions

Small in size, but immense in cuteness.

Love multiplied by tiny toes.

Love in its smallest and purest form.

You are my beautiful life’s work.

Endless hugs and kisses from my little one.

Because of you, I’ll always have a friend.

Unconditional love in a tiny package.

Cuteness runs in the family.

Let them be little.

Be still, my heart.

Happiness is the laughter of children.

Kids with short captions for children

Small steps, giant leaps of joy.

Heart-melting cuteness overload.

Siblings by chance, friends by choice.

Little feet, big adventures.

Tiny hands, huge wonder.

Snuggles, giggles, and a whole lot of love.

Pure joy in a pint-sized package.

Can we freeze this moment forever?

To me you are perfect.

Tiny smiles, big happiness.

Baby with funny baby boy captions

Wherever you go, my love is with you.

A bundle of joy and endless cuteness.

You are the best gift I’ve ever received.

I made a wish on a star, and I got you.

Short Kid Quotes for Instagram

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” – Jess Lair

“The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Kids deserve the right to think that they can change the world.” – Lois Lowry

“Children take a stand for everything that is possible because they are still in touch with that place inside where everything is possible.” – Vince Gowmon

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” – Angela Schwindt

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

“Adults are just outdated children.” – Dr. Seuss

Family on beach wtih short family is everything quotes by Fox

“It is time for a return to childhood, to simplicity, to running and climbing and laughing in the sunshine, to experiencing happiness instead of being trained for a lifetime of pursuing happiness.” – L. R. Knost

“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.” – Mignon McLaughlin

“Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.” – Allen Klein

“A child can ask a thousand questions that the wisest man cannot answer.” – Jacob Abbott

“A child is an uncut diamond.” – Austin O’Malley

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” – John F. Kennedy

“Only children believe they are capable of everything.” – Paulo Coelho

Siblings with funny brother and sister quotes by Friesner

“Children are our most valuable resource.” – Herbert Hoover

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Mr. Rogers

“The creator in you is the child set free.” – Vince Gowmon

“Children are the true connoisseurs, what’s precious to them has no price, only value.” – Bel Kaufman

“Children re-invent your world for you.” – Susan Sarandon

“Adults follow paths. Children explore.” – Neil Gaiman

“What is a home without children? Quiet.” – Henry Youngman

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” – Anne Frank

Hands with dad daughter captions

“Always kiss your children goodnight—even if they’re already asleep.” – H. Jackson Brown, JR.

“Children are mirrors, they reflect back to us all we say and do.” – Pam Leo

“A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.” – Francois Rabelais

“Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.”– Ron Wild

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” – Yoda

“The soul is healed by being with children.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“It’s not about what you tell your children, but how you show them how to live life.”– Jada Pinkett Smith

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

“We should all be inspired by children: they don’t care about fear and mistakes.” – Maxime Lagacé

“Kids go where there is excitement, they stay where there is love.” – Zig Ziglar

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss

“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” – Jose Ortega y Gasset

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess.” – N.K. Jemisin

Family iwth funny mother and daughter captions

“To raise a nature-bonded child is to raise a rebel, a dreamer, an innovator… someone who will walk their own verdant, winding path.” – Nicolette Sowder

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” – Peggy O’Mara

“Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.” – Haim Ginott

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” – Oscar Wilde

“Children need models rather than critics.” – Joseph Joubert

“Having one child makes you a parent; having two, you are a referee.” – David Frost

“Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.” – Princess Diana

“Children really brighten up a household. They never turn the lights off.” – Ralph Bus

So that is it for our list of Kid Captions for Instagram. We hope you found the perfect one!

Now go share your photo!

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