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100 Short Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for that Thankful Aesthetic


Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have. As you gather with family and friends to give thanks and celebrate, you might be looking for some short happy Thanksgiving quotes and sayings to help express your appreciation. There are many ways to express your appreciation for the opportunity to spend an entire day with family and friends over a turkey and cranberry sauce. But these simple Thanksgiving quotes can help you express everything you’re grateful for in just a few simple lines.

Short Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for Instagram

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” — Robert Caspar Lintner

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” — Aesop

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.” — Gertrude Stein

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” — W. Clement Stone

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” — William Wordsworth

Fall trees along a road with short Thanksgiving Quotes by Wordsworth

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” — William Blake

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” — Roy T. Bennett

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” — Brené Brown

“Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” — John Wooden

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” — Maya Angelou

“What if, today, we were grateful for everything?” – Charlie Brown

A orange sunflower with a Thanksgiving quotes for Instagram by Charlie Brown

“No matter what our circumstances, we can find a reason to be thankful.” — David Jeremiah

“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” — C.S. Lewis

“Count your blessings. Focus on what you’ve got. Spread the positive vibes.” — Jyoti Patel

“‘Enough’ is a feast.” — Buddhist proverb

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” — Helen Keller

“May you enjoy a grand feast and the loving company of your family. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Enjoy the feasting! Happy Thanksgiving!”

“May the wishbone snap in your favor this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Flower and a pumpkin with a funny happy thanksgiving quotes and sayings

“So glad to spend this special day with you. Let’s raise our glasses and give thanks.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to another year full of memories.”

“This year, I’m grateful for so many things, but you’re at the top of my list. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“I’m so glad to know someone like you. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“May you enjoy the bounty of Thanksgiving.”

“May you enjoy blessings in abundance. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Have a happy Thanksgiving Day, from one grateful heart to another.”

Pies with short happy Thanksgiving quotes

“Every morning, I’m grateful for your positive energy. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Wishing you a restful and relaxing holiday! Happy Thanksgiving.”

“On this Thanksgiving Day, let us take a moment to count our numerous blessings.”

“The turkey is in the oven, the cider is spiked with rum, now let the family gossip begin. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Don’t bother counting calories today, just your blessings. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!”

“Happy Thanksgiving and may your feast be abundant!”

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson

“We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.” — Neal A. Maxwell

“Live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and never stop learning.” — GZA

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” — Willie Nelson

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” — Voltaire

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” — Roy T. Bennett

Turkeys with short quotes for Thanksgiving by Bennett

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” — John F. Kennedy

“Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one’s material circumstances.” — Aristotle

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” — Ralph H. Blum

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” — Dalai Lama

“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.” — Thomas Goodwin

“Everything changed when I switched from saying ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I GET to do this.’” — Charlotte Eriksson

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” — Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.” — Amit Ray

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” — William James

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Short Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

“Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.” — Kevin James

“Here I am, 5 o’clock in the morning, stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird’s butt.” — Rosanne in Rosanne

“Coexistence: What the farmer does with the turkey—until Thanksgiving.” — Mike Connolly

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” — Erma Bombeck

Orange Pumpkins in a row with short funny Thanksgiving Quotes for Instagram by Erma Bombeck

“Most turkeys taste better the day after; my mother’s tasted better the day before.” — Rita Rudner

“Cooking Tip: Wrap turkey leftover in aluminum foil and throw them out.” — Nicole Hollander

“Pie makes everybody happy.” — Laurie Halse Anderson

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” — George Bernard Shaw

“I know what I’m having for Thanksgiving and it ain’t turkey.” — Anthony T. Hincks

“A lot of Thanksgiving days have been ruined by not carving the turkey in the kitchen.” — Kin Hubbard

Someone carving a turkey with short funny thanksgiving quotes for Instagram by Kin Hubbard

“Overeating at Thanksgiving is a case in point. It’s a national tradition.” — Eric Samuel Timm

“Of all of the food filled holidays, Thanksgiving reigns king in the United States.” — Gia Scott

“Thanksgiving is so called because we are all so thankful that it only comes once a year.” — P.J. O’Rourke

Short Thanksgiving Quotes for Family

“Thanksgiving creates abundance.” — Ann Voskamp

“Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.” — Todd Stocker

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.” — Dalai Lama

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” — Maya Angelou

People clinking glasses with short Thanksgiving quotes for family by Angelou

“Embrace every new day with gratitude, hope and love.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

“Gratitude is a feedback loop that will show you where you are thriving.” — Danielle LaPorte

“Superficial social niceties are far different from the deep emotion of thanksgiving.” — Alexandra Katehakis

“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.” — Joshua Kai

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” — Charles Spurgeon

“Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant—a seed—this plants the giant miracle.” — Ann Voskamp

“I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.” — Roger Federer

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” — Brian Tracy

“They do not love, that do not show their love.” — William Shakespeare

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” — Oscar Wilde

Short Thanksgiving Quotes for Friends

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” — Oscar Wilde

“Friends are the family you choose.“ — Jess C. Scott

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” — William Arthur Ward

“Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends.” — Jacques Delille

“If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we’d all be much happier.” — John Wooden

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” — Mother Teresa

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.“ ― Eustache Deschamps

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” — Jon Kabat-Zinn

People at table with short Thanksgiving quotes for friends by Zinn

“Gratitude tends to attract the things for which we are grateful in advance.” — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.“ ― Linda Grayson

“Some people come in our life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons.” — Mother Teresa

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill

“I try to start every day and end every day by taking a moment to be grateful.” — Olivia Wilde

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” — Eric Hoffer

“If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.” — Robert Quillen

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.” — Sharon Salzberg

“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Short Thanksgiving Sayings

“May the bounty of the season fill your heart and home.”

“Give thanks for a little and you’ll find a lot.”

“A happy heart is a thankful heart.”

“There is always, always something to be thankful for.”

“Eat, Drink, and be Thankful!”

Pumpkin pie and coffee with Short Thanksgiving sayings

“Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!”

“Happy Thanksgiving Day!”

“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

“Eat – Watch Football – Eat – Repeat.”

“Choose to be grateful.”

“May your life be full of both Thanks and Giving!”

“Let us give thanks with grateful hearts.”

“Happy Turkey Day!”

“Thankful and grateful.”

“May your Thanksgiving be full of peace, love and joy.”

Turkey on a platter with Thanksgiving sayings

“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.”

“Thankful, Grateful, Blessed.”

“Gratitude is said to be the memory of the heart.”

“Enjoy the feasting! Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Give thanks for a little and you will get a lot.”

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

“Wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health, and good times.”

“Wish you have a blessed thanksgiving. May peace and prosperity follow you today and every day.”

“Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a blessed and joyous holiday!”

“Let’s take a moment to appreciate the blessing we have in our life. Happy Thanksgiving to you.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to all! May you enjoy the day with your family and friends!”

pumpkins in a bowl on a table with short funny thanksgiving wishes

“Happy Thanksgiving! May you all enjoy a memorable holiday with your near and dear ones.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

“Having a family is one of the best blessings in life. Happy thanksgiving to my most supportive family.”

“Words can’t express how thankful I am to have you as my family! Happy Thanksgiving to my family.”

 “I hope your Thanksgiving table is full of your favorite food and surrounded by your favorite people.”

“On this Thanksgiving day, let us be grateful that we were not born turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Pies with funny short happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours wishes

“I’m thankful to have a family who takes eating as seriously as I do.”

“May the wishbone snap in your favor this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Gobble Gobble! Some call it “turkey day,” I call it “eat turkey day!” Happy Thanksgiving!”

“My prayers to those who are doing the dishes after this Thanksgiving!”

“If you don’t have a good excuse, you’re welcome to join our family this Thanksgiving!”

“Happy Turkey Day and all that other stuffing!”

Thanksgiving table with short happy Thanksgiving wishes

“May your Thanksgiving, and the whole year ahead, be filled with blessing after blessing.”

“May your turkey be fat and your wallet be fatter! Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Be wary of turkey on Thanksgiving; they make you tired! Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Here’s to one blessing after another on this Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!”

Short Thanksgiving Captions

  • Gratitude changes everything
  • Blessed beyond belief
  • Gobble ’til you wobble
  • Let’s get basted
Table full of food and decorations with short and funny Thanksgiving captions that ways Let's get basted!
  • Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.
  • Let’s talk turkey
  • B-autumns up
  • It’s turkey time
  • Easy as pie!
  • Taters gonna tate
  • Pies before guys
  • Too blessed to be stressed
Horn of plenty with a cute Thanksgiving captions that says too blessed to be stressed
  • Fifty shades of gravy
  • Talk turkey to me
  • Hello, pumpkin
  • Love at first bite
  • Happy Piesgiving, folks!
  • I yam what I yam
  • Gourd times
  • Eat hard, nap harder
  • Every day is leg day

Short November Quotes

“This is going to be a November to remember” ― Charmaine J. Forde

“In November, the smell of food is different. Food is better in November than any other time of the year.” — Cynthia Rylant

“This November there seems to be nothing to say.” — Anne Sexton

“November’s sky is chill and drear, November’s leaf is red and sear.” — Sir Walter Scott

“November, n. The eleventh twelfth of a weariness.” — Ambrose Bierce

“How sad would be November if we had no knowledge of the spring.” — Edwin Way Teale

Icy lake with short November quotes by Teale

“My lovely November. Have you seen my heart, somewhere in your castle of yellow leaves?” — A Waltz for Zizi

“Peering from some high window, at the gold of November sunset.” — E.E. Cummings

“Will you forgive me these November days?” ― Anna Akhmatova

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” — Emily Dickinson

“I know that I have died before once in November.” — Anne Sexton

“November. Crows are approaching, wounded leaves fall to the ground.” — Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

“November at its best—with a sort of delightful menace in the air.” — Anne Bosworth Greene

“She loved the fall, all the sun-faded colors of summer repainted by vivid reds and golds.” — Naomi Ragen

“If the leaves are changing, I feel poetry in the air.” — Laura Jaworski

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” — John Donne

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” — Jim Bishop

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” — Albert Camus

Yellow fall leaves, river and old buidling with a short fall quotes by Albert Camus

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”. — Emily Brontë

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.” — William Cullen Bryant

“Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.” — Walt Whitman

“Another fall, another turned page.” — Wallace Stegner

“Autumn is as joyful and sweet as an untimely end.” — Rémy de Gourmont

“Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.” — Yoko Ono

So that’s our list! We hope we’ve helped you find your favorite quote or saying you were looking for. Now get out there and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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