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100 Creepy Haunted House Captions for that Spooky Aesthetic


Checking out the local Halloween haunted house is a rite of passage for many families so you’ll want to look through our list of all the best haunted house captions for Instagram for your next post. If you are looking for haunted house sayings we have you covered. We have also included the best haunted house quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first.

Now scroll through to find your favorite caption.

Our Favorite Haunted House Captions for Instagram

Don’t forget your running shoes, you’ll probably need them.

Ghouls just want to have a hauntingly good time.

The unsettling atmosphere of this place is straight out of a horror movie.

Creepy crawlers and sinister hisses.

Don’t hold back your screams, let them out.

The monsters may be scary, but the thrill of a haunted house is even scarier!

Trick or treat? How about a visit to the Haunted Mansion instead?

Getting ready for the most gruesome, hair-raising, and heart-thumping bash in town!

Some secrets are best left buried.

Old house with haunted house captions

Beneath the moonlight, darkness reigns in this haunted house.

Ghosts don’t haunt us, we haunt them.

The spook-key to happiness is hanging out with my boos.

Ghosts and goblins come to play on October’s final day.

Think you can survive? I’ve faced worse, and it still haunts me.

Just creeping it real this Halloween.

Get in, loser. We’re going haunting.

You look like you’ve just seen a phantom.

My little slice of hell welcomes you.

Came for the party, stayed for the boos.

Something wicked this way comes…

Forget the ghosts.. beware of me!

This is the spot where the magic comes alive.

Ghost with ghost captions

We can’t wait to return, but this house gives me the creeps!

No more treats? This is unBOOlievable

Wishing you a delightfully eerie Halloween!

Honk if you’ve been touched by a ghost

When the shadows lengthen, be afraid.

Are you a ghost? Because you look like my boo.

Would you dare spend a night here?

I’m a complete wreck when it comes to haunted houses!

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Funny Haunted House Captions

Witnessing a grown man scream in terror is a sight to behold.

When in doubt, run towards the haunted house and embrace the fear!

Shake your ghostly booty.

Get ready to meet our restless spirits and embrace the spooky ambiance of this haunted house!

Welcome, mortals – I am your guide to the mysteries of this haunted house.

Fear is just a state of mind in this eerie dwelling.

Bring spooky ghost stories to life.

Prepare to be terrified.

Old house iwth funny haunted house captions

Beware of the lurking darkness.

Caught a glimpse of the other side.

I’m bewitched and bothered.

You can’t scare me I’m a ghost!

Don’t be a scaredy-cat, enter if you dare!

The dead rise, bats fly, and screams echo on Halloween night.

This place has got you feeling haunted, and you can’t deny it.

Have a hauntingly good night.

Welcome to our haunted abode, where ghoulish visitors are always welcome!

If you’re brave enough, enter.

In the darkness, fear takes hold.

Ghost with funny ghost captions

The haunted house experience is just one week away!

Haunted Houses are only for the brave, so leave your scaredy cat self at home.

Something wicked this way comes…

Haunted houses are not just a myth, they’re inhabited by real spirits.

Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween!

My personal nightmare is now yours to explore.

I can feel something sinister lurking behind me in our haunted house.

Come this way for the fright of your life.

This is not just a haunted house, it’s a death trap waiting to happen!

Ghosts of the past still haunt me.

Trick or treat, bag of sweets, ghosts are walking down the street.

Ghost with puns for ghost Instagram captions

Don’t let the haunted house spook you – confront your fears head-on!

What “ghosts” around comes around.

Ghost hug, you can’t feel it but it is there!

BOO! You’re in for a scary ride in this haunted house!

Fasten your sheet-belts, it’s gonna be a boo-mpy night.

The ghostly presence of haunted houses is undeniable.

Shadows dance in the corners of our minds.

I have no body to dance with.

Psst…This isn’t a costume

Ghostly encounters of the third kind.

Ghosts are terrible liars because you can see right through them.

99 problems but a ghost ain’t one

Hello, beautiful ghoul.

I’m getting a bad feeling about this place.

During the day I don’t believe in ghosts. At night I’m a little more open-minded.

With the boo crew

Wait, you can see me??

All these ghosts, and I still can’t find a boo.

Hanging out with the ghoul squad.

Had a spooktacular night!

Straight out of a horror movie

Ghost with haunted house Instagram captions

What “ghosts” around comes around.

I’m happy you didn’t ghost me, ’cause now you’re my boo.

In this place, the darkness never sleeps.

Demons and ghouls make the perfect pair.

This house looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie.

Get ready to be scared out of your wits at this haunted house.

Feeling famished for a haunting? Come on in and join us for a scare!

Beyond these walls, your worst nightmare could be waiting for you.

Ghosting people is my superpower!

Easily bribed with sweet treats.

The ceiling fan seems to be hiding something mysterious.

Haunted by the memories that never die.

Person in ghost costume and funny Halloween captions that reads boo from the crew

If you think this is scary, just wait until you see the attic!

Boo-in’ it for the ‘gram

A hot and spooky Halloween.

Don’t miss out on the fear of not stepping through the door.

Get your spooky on!

My expression is always this witchy.

Ghost ahead, make my day!

This spooky place has a strange allure.

The spirits are restless tonight.

Tread carefully, for the ground is cursed.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the moon, ghosts, witches, and black cats.

When the clock strikes midnight, all bets are off.

Jack o'lantern under a sheet with funny Halloween Instagram captions that says I'm here for the boos

Dare to enter the haunted house if you’re brave enough.

If the broom fits, ride it.

If you dare to brave our haunted house, see if you can make it out alive!

We may have a few ghosts, but we promise they won’t bite!

Take a look behind these doors if you dare. It’s going to be SCARY.

Getting ready to scream together as we face the horrors of a haunted house!

Ghosts never truly leave this world.

We love to see the fear in each other’s eyes as we explore our haunted house together!

If you’re alive, then you’re already dead when you enter this haunted house.

Hey, ghost. Let’s get our scare on.

Couple with Halloween coupld Instagram captions

The ghosts may lurk, but we won’t falter!

Get in, loser. We’re going ghost hunting.

Get ready to face your fears.

This night was un-boo-lievable

The witching hour is calling.

Step into your nightmares and make them a reality.

Rest in peace, in your tomb so sweet.

Short Captions About Haunted Houses

Welcome, I am your spectral host.

That’s some boo sheet!

Inside, death looms.

Feeling ghostly today.

Happy Halloween haunting!

Boo to you from our crew!

Kneel before the witches.

Ghostest with the mostest.

Be scared, be very scared.

Candles with short captions about haunted houses

With the boo crew.

We’re at a dead end.

Prepare to be haunted.

Bad and boo-jee

Witness the dead come to life.

Eat, drink, and be scary.

Basic ghost

Trick or treat yo’ self!

You’re in ghoul company

Boo Yah!

Hocus Pocus and chill?

Decorations with short captions about ghosts puns

Getting in the spirit.

Ghosts don’t give a sheet.

We’ve got spirit.

Rest eternally in this tomb.

More boos, please

I’m here to lift your spirits.

Let’s get spooky

Creepin’ it real!

Boo-tiful haunting.

Excuse me but BOO!

Catch me on the dark side

Hey, boo, let’s get sheet-faced

Couple wtih Halloween couple captions

Don’t make me ghost you.

Brrr… it’s cold in here. There must be some spirits in the atmosphere!

You’ve been ghosted.

Too cute to spook

Bye, Felicia. Ghosts only.

Don’t make me ghost you.

More boos, please.

Boo-in it for the ‘gram

I’m here for the boos.

Short Haunted House Quotes for Instagram

It’s quite vexing to be a non-believer in a house full of spirits. – Matthew Tobin Anderson

“There’s a ghost in our home.” — Kate Bush, “Watching You Without Me”

“If your game is on, give me a call boo.” — Ghost Town DJ’s, “My Boo”

“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” – Ray Parker Jr.

Ghost with short ghost quotes for Instagram by Parker

“Something wicked this way comes…” – Ray Bradbury

“Ghosts are all around us. Look for them, and you will find them.” – Ruskin Bond

“I love having my ghosts, and I love having my memories.” – Debbie Reynolds

“The ghosts you chase you never catch.” – John Malkovich

“Time to be a ghost.” Tori Amos

House iwth short haunted house quotes for Instagram by Amos

“And the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view.” — Mumford and Sons, “Ghosts That We Knew”

“You will always be my boo.” — Usher and Alicia Keys, “My Boo”

“We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me.” — Harry Styles, “Two Ghosts”

“Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.” – Richard Harris Barham

Funny Haunted House Instagram Quotes

The devil himself is present on this hellish night. – William Shakespeare

A haunting can occur anywhere, not just within walls. The mind holds many dark corridors. – Emily Dickinson

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.” – Shakespeare, Macbeth

“Ghosts are hiding in the walls: Creeping out when midnight calls…” – Rusty Fischer

Funny haunted house Instagram quotes by Fischer

“If you’ve got it, haunt it.” — Rose Pressey

“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.” – Salman Rushdie

“Our feet are planted in the real world, but we dance with angels and ghosts.” – John Cameron Mitchell

“Ghosts are never just ghosts; they provide us with an insight into what haunts our culture.” – Andrew Smith.

“I like to say I believe in ghosts so I don’t get haunted by one.” – Ella Henderson

Ghosts with funny ghost Instgram quotes by Trainor

“Ghosts don’t haunt us. That’s not how it works. They’re present among us because we won’t let go of them.” – Sue Grafton

“On Halloween, witches come true; Wild ghosts escape from dreams. Each monster dances in the park.” – Nicholas Gordon.

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” – Stephen King

So that is it for our list of Instagram Quotes for Haunted house and Captions for Haunted house. Hopefully you found the perfect one for you.

Now go share your haunted house photo!

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