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The 110 Best Wine Captions for Instagram to Enjoy a Glass


Everything goes great with wine, including our list of the best wine captions for your next great wine photos. So if you’re looking for wine captions for Instagram, we have you covered.

Now go ahead and browse through to find your favorite.

Best Wine Captions for Instagram

  • Me and my good friend Merlot
  • It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!
  • Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.
  • Good friends listen to your adventures. Best friends make them with you.
  • Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
  • Here’s to unique flavors and aromas
  • I’ll be there in a prosecco!
  • Oops! Did I buy wine instead of milk again?
  • Gluten free. Dairy free. Fat Free. I love the wine diet!
  • With wine and hope, anything is possible.
  • Life is better when there’s wine
  • Life is too short to drink bad wine.
  • It isn’t good to keep things bottled up.
  • Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine.
Sunset with wine captions for Instagram
  • When a winemaker pours you a glass, swirl with grace.
  • Roses are red, so is my wine. Refill my glass and I’ll be just fine.
  • Wine-one-one my glass is empty
  • Wine, the best way to get inspired
  • I find wine is cheaper than therapy
  • Sip of pure bliss in the beauty of these vineyard views!
  • The only thing I throwback on Thursday is a glass of wine.
  • Sometimes wine becomes your lifestyle
  • Grapes in the sunlight make for postcard-perfect views!
  • Every empty bottle is filled with a great story
  • Ready for a taste of adventure
  • Wine pairs nicely with good friends.
  • I enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle
  • Friends and wine… the older the better.
  • Great views, great company, great wine, can’t ask for much more!
  • Wine is the answer. What was the question?
  • The best way to learn about wine is by drinking.
  • It’s not a hangover, it’s wine flu.
  • A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.
  • Wine is a constant reminder that life is good
  • If you walk a mile in my shoes, you’ll end up in a wine bar.
  • I wish someone would look at me the same way I look at wine.
  • Just rescuing this wine which was trapped inside a bottle.
Woman with wine Instagram captions
  • Tasting our way through the vineyard
  • But I’ve got a Blanc space baby
  • Cheers to getting lost among the vines!
  • Tonight’s forecast… 99% chance of wine
  • The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.
  • Drinking before 10 am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic.
  • Loves me a good wine tour
  • Always the right time for a glass of wine
  • I need a glass of wine…or a bottle…or a winery in Italy.
  • A nice glass of wine makes everything better
  • I make wine disappear. What’s your superpower?
  • All you need is a glass of wine and a pretty view
  • It’s better to be full of wine than full of shit.
  • Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.
  • My day just went from super to sip-erb, real quick.
  • After drinking so much wine, I need a Napa!
  • Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.
  • Wine Wednesday? What about wine every day?
  • Cheers to new wine tasting adventures.
Person with funny wine captions
  • Fresh air & wine. Can’t beat it!
  • Coffee keeps me going until it’s acceptable to drink wine.
  • It’s ok to drink white wine after Labor Day.
  • I need a huge glass of wine.
  • Wine flies when you are having fun
  • Let’s go wine-tasting on the couch.

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Short Wine Captions

  • I don’t give a sip!
  • Red lips and wine sips
  • Good friends and good wine
  • Wine is life
  • Rosé all day
  • Unwind. Sip wine. Repeat.⁠
  • Sip, sip, sip…
  • Say you’ll be wine.
  • Working nine to wine.
  • Let’s get wine tasting!
  • Wine tasting with besties
  • Wine and chill
Tub with short captions about wine
  • Party now, adult later.
  • A glass of wine on his dime.
  • Partner in wine
  • Will you accept this rosé?
  • Golden hour wine tasting.
  • Will you accept this rosé?
  • Red, wine, and booze
  • Adulting makes me wine.
  • I’m on cloud wine.
  • Let the fun begin.
  • Wine is my Valentine
  • Who’s thirsty?
  • Time to wine down.
  • Wine a little, laugh a lot.
  • Oh, sweet child of wine
  • Wine often. Wine always.
  • Sip me baby one more time!
  • I need to re-wine my life.
  • Great minds drink alike.
  • Wine more; worry less
  • White wine all the time
  • Vino Vidi Vici
  • Cheers to pour decisions
  • No wine left behind.
  • You had me at Merlot.
  • Slay all day then cabernet
  • Stop and smell the rosé.
  • White wine all the time.
  • Wine is my spirit animal.
  • Read between the wines.
  • Heard it on the grapevine
  • We’re on an all grape diet
  • Cozy nights are made for wine
  • I just can’t get enough of wine
  • Save water, drink wine.

So that is it for our list of Wine Captions for Instagram. We hope you found the perfect one!

Now go share your photo!

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